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Page 1) A Partial Listing of our Distinguished Resources and Affiliates (Click here): We have endeavored to categorize, where possible.
Page 2) Relocation Specialists: Referral (Real Estate) Network Services (Click here): Buying or Selling Anywhere in the USA? Visit here. We are affiliated with 400 independent real estate firms.
Page 3) You Won't Believe this Incredible Collection of Very Special and Unique Gifts (Click here): Cookware, Chocolates, Housewares, Hooked on Phonics, leather goods, games and puzzles, golf gifts, desk accessories, knives, jewelry boxes, pens, backpacks, cigar holders, and other unique products!
Page 4) Many Fabulous Long Distance and Calling Card Companies (Click here): Global Uni-tel 5.9 CPM, TMMG (Flat rate LD), Kallback Int'l Service, FreedomStarr, Planet Earth, VoCall, USATel, AccuLinQ, PremierCom, Qwest, PromiseNet, ITL,KallCents, Roadtel,EuroIce, Skycom.
Page 5) Barnes and Noble Web Page (Click here): BN Books, Tapes, Magazines, Software! You name it and they've got it!.....................................
Page 6) The Exclusive Page (Click here): Free Web pages, golf paraphernalia, music store, digital cameras, gift accessories, hand held pc's and coffee too!
Page 7) Build your business and earn more income with! (Click here): Get your own banner here as well as fax-on-demand, website promotion, and ezines too!
Page 8) AWeber .com...Take a look-see...(Click here): Need an autoresponder? That and much, much more...
Page 9) The VoiceNet Card Home Page (Click here): Now is the time to obtain a 6.9 cpm card on the internet!
Page 10) Finding Funds for College (Click here): If you are parents of a high school junior or senior, you will be interested in this website!
11) Andy's Garage, iCredit, Motorcycle USA, UBB, CDNow, Shopbiz, SpreePGA,(Click here): (Continuing) Ultimate Bulletin Board, Inter Galaxy: Online Garage Sales, Instant Credit Report, Bikers Products, Great Music, Sell Your Products, PGA goodies, Web Hosting.
12) Now You Can Turn Your Business Cards Into Calling Cards! (Click here): What a magnificent idea! Just stick a label on to the back of your business card and's a calling card!
13) MY Free Office (Click here): This is truly an amazing website...You MUST take a peek at this outstanding opportunity!
14) Free College Funding Seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area (Click here): Save thousands of dollars by attending Bob Asselin's important presentation!
15) You Should Go To (Click here): If you really want to see a collection of great's the place to go!
16) My Free Office Home Page (Click here): This website has several different web pages for you to peruse...
17), Travelocity, Fogdog Sports, Value America, One Stop Autos, Proflowers (Click here): (Cont), Juice & A Travel Agent, Sports Items, Gifts, PC's, Autos, Flowers? Visit here
18) Amazon, American Greetings,, Fingerhut, Sendwine,, Mother Nature (Click here): (Continuing) Amazon Search Engine, Gift Certificates, Fingerhut Catalog, AIS Media, Six Figure Income Potential, Purchase Greeting Cards, Movies, Wine, Art, and Vitamins? Visit here.
19), Select Source, e-news, Baby Center, Xoom, PC's by Hand Technologies (Click here): (Continuing) Match-Making, UTrade Auctions, One and Only Network, Books etc., Catalog Shopping, Magazines, Baby Shop, Cosmo Makeovers, Computers.
20) My Free Classifieds and More (Click here): Need Some Website Promotion? This is the Place to Go!
21)i/us Graphics, e-news Magazines,, bigstar videos, and Countdown Clocks (Click here): Graphics, custom made irons and woods,magazines, videos, and clocks...
22) Design Emporium, Dodge Inn Steaks, Rolling, Netcards, Staples, Get Smart, (Click here): (Continuing) Daily Leads Program, Bell Wether Group, GoTo, Best Freebies: HomenGarden, Steaks, Music, Post Cards, Office Supplies, Loans, Meeting Planners, Freebies on Internet, Search Engine.
23),Freeyellow, Xoom,, one stop car shopping, e-commerce news (Click here): (Cont) Books4Cooks, Merlin 2000, Virtual World, Wizzards Software:Cookbooks, Electronics, Kaleidoscopes, Wagering, Car Buying, PC's, Breaking enews, Interactive Voice Software.
24) Visit JoeG's Virtual Cardshop (Click here): This has all you need for sending birthday, anniversary, holiday, friendship cards and more...
25) WholeFoods, MoretActivewear, DELL , the Optical Store, and the Green Marketplace (Click here): (Continuing) Best Freebies: Free internet deals, great sports clothing, famous made-to-order computer company, super fashion eyewear, contact lenses, and healthy foodstuffs +++
26) LivePhoneCard, Intl Golf Outlet, CDNow, Giftpaks, & dELia' (Click here): , AMT E-Zine, Snap,Great (Discount) Flowers, Calling card,great golf gear, music cd's, gifts, solving the year 2000 problem, super tutorials,!
27) Paul Frederick , JobSearch, Guthy-Renker,, Dell, Swiss Army Depot,, : (Continuing) Landscape USA (Online garden store), apparel, TV advertised merchandise, sunglasses, PC's, watches + and Auctions online.
28) KidsSafetyNetwork, Sandbox Entertainment, American Eagle Outfitters (Click here): Protect Your Children, Fantasy Baseball, and Great Clothing + for both men and women...
29) 24/7 Tickets, Liquor, Lady Classic, Lifestyles Direct, Superbuild, FragranceNet,(Click here): (Continuing) LinkShare and Wiz City...These companies offer Event tickets, Booze, Female Golf Accessories, Swimwear, Home Improvement, Perfume, Hair & skin care, Affiliates Programs, & herbs & spices
30) Audio Book Club, Auto Accessories, big deal board shop, CBS Sports Store, Family Point: (Continuing) The Free Shop, Hickory Farms, Host America, Le Village, Pet Quarters, and e-Diets!
31) Lending Tree,DataLink, Cartrackers, FashionMall,, Greentree Nutrition, (Click here): (Continuing) 1 book street, NextCard Visa, Creditland---Loans, Breaking Market News, Auto Resource Center, Designer Apparel, Picture Personals, Vitamins, Herbs, Book Store, Re-fi's and Mortgages...
32) NetNation, Sparks, Outlet Mall,Pictorico, Golf Warehouse, K-TEL, & Discover Nature (Click here): (Cont), Domain registration, greeting cards, apparel, accessories, jewelry, creating holiday memories, golf equipment, music of all eras, and items for the enviornmentally conscious consumer.
33) La Patisserie, Omaha Steaks, planetRx, Carclub, healthshop, The Bulldog Store (Click here): (Continue)Discover E-Commererce, eBags (Luggage), Declan Dunn Tapes for Affiliates, Internet health pharmacy, purchase, new, used, leased autos, a complete natural health store, bulldog accessories...
34) The Green Marketplace, Beanie Babies, Outpost (Click here): Great items for the enviornmentally conscious and Internet products.
35)Adguide,Collectibles SportsJobs,EconTvl,UBet, Health4Her, theNet1, Carino Connection (Click here): (Cont)Watches, Success Center, Animation Factory, Golfstore: College Recruiting, Sports Jobs, Int'l Airfares, Online Horse Racing, Ladies Only, Search Engine, Romance, Selling "it", Animations, Golf.
36) Eyeglass Factory Outlet (Click here): Folks...You Won't Believe This! Single Vision Glasses and Frames Just $29.50, Bi-focals Just $44.50, Progressive Lenses Just $69.50! Incredible!!!
37) Clockwatchers Inc. ( (Click here): Anything Web Related...Click here for important information.........
38)Gamekeeper,Astrology Charts,Ultimate Promotion,, Commission Junction, (Continuing) SpiderSoft-Webzip, Electronic Transfer, Intl MedNet, Wilson Internet: Games & Puzzles,Horoscope, Newsletter, Rings, Make Web $, Beds, Accept credit cards, Viagra, E-Commerce Consultantcy.
39)GiftPt,ESPNSports,DesignerOutlet, Florist,,, (Click here): Discount Clothes, Flowers, Whirlpools, Cross Products, Name Your Own Price for Airline Tickets, Hotels, Cars, Mortgages.
40) Net Detective (Click here): This website has everything you need to have to find lost friends, roommates, relatives and old school chums. It's a winner!
41) Skycom Telecommunications Information Page (Click here): Earn Residual Income, Fundraising, Phone Bill Analysis, Internet Service, Calling Card, Transforming Business Cards Into Calling Cards!
42) FTD, Wicks End (Click here): Beautiful Flowers Delivered to Your Door, Great Candles and Accessories
43) For a Unique and Wonderful site: Go to: (Click here): The largest and best collection of refrigerator magnets anywhere!
44) All Our Book Sellers On One Website (Click here): Barnes and Noble,, Borders, One Book Street.
45) The Extra Special Gourmet Market (Click here): What superb delicacies and marvelous foodstuffs for the entire family.
46) The Fabulous "" (Click here): Great Collections of Men's and Womenswear for the Sophisticated Purchaser!
47) Offshore Globe (Click here): If you need to consider using out-of-the-country designations, visit here.
48) Virtualis Home Page (Click here): This is one of the finest Web Hosting Services on the net and a lot more!
49) Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (Click here): If your concerned that your attorney costs might go out of sight, protect yourself by contacting us.
50) DVD Movies Galore! (Click here): The latest and best and the newest of movie videos and then some.
51) TravelNow Travel Agency (Click here): Need a Reservation for Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals and More!
52) Pulse TV (Click here): Videos of all kinds and much more, including, trivia contests, newsletters, pick of the week etc.
53) Unique Gifts (Click here): Leather goods, games and puzzles, golf gifts, desk gifts, knives, jewelry boxes, pens, backpacks, cigar holders, and other unique products.
54) Become a Pro-Link Distributor (Click here): A wonderful opportunity for residual income and diversity!
55) for groceries delivered right to your door! (Click here): This is really smart shopping for busy people!
56) Need A Great Computer Financed? (Click here): That's right, totally financed personal computers and notebooks without a huge outlay of money!
57) (Click here): Tips and Tools to Build and Grow Your Website. This is a very important educational tool!
58) A Bevy of Credit Card Opportunities (Click here): Individual credit cards, debt consolidation, combined credit reports, stop foreclosure, and merchants...accept credit cards!
59) Office Max Office Supplies (Click here): This is your chance to get a bargain on all office supplies, office furniture, copy max and more!
60) JNG Enterprises Presents...Joe's Mall ...(Click here): The Best of Real Estate, Telecommunications, and the Reatil Industries!
61) Get Your Copy of "Discover E-Commerce in Plain English!" (Click here): ThisCD Manual is the Best Vehicle for Electronic Commerce Information!
62) To Become an Affiliate of "Discover E-Commerce in Plain English!" (Click here): After You've Ordered the CD Manual, You Can Earn a Bundle as an Associate!
63) Take Some Time Out and Enjoy Classic Cartoons (Click here): Doonesbury, Garfield, Peanuts, Popeye, and Dilbert.
64) iPrint Affiliate Network (Click here): This site is amazing! Virtually anything can be printed. T- Shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Golf Balls, and On and On!
65) 3 Daughters (Click here): FFA Hosting, Free Biz Opps, Home Biz Kit, and Reciprocal Links plus much more!
66) Cities Direct (Services of all Kinds) (Click here): This site will introduce you to shopping malls, business services and other valuable resources!
67) Magic Learning Systems (Click here): Earn a great income and also be proud to represent superior learning tools!
68) and view this website for super timepieces. It's the..."Watch Zone" (Click here): Magazines and Watches Galore. Too many to mention here...just take a look!
69) "LetEmKnow "(Click here): If you would like to tell someone about our site, you can do it from here!
70) Concept Kitchen,, Carprices, Gator, SinglesNet, eComXchg, ADtastic (Click here): (Continuing) Corporate Access, Wholesale Real Estate, and Web Valley Web Design.
71) Avon, CardStar, NetCards, SMIP, ThiOne,, The Sharper Image and Visto (Click here): (Continuing) JewelryWeb, Int'l Collectors Society: Cosmetics, BusinessNet Cards, Net Post Cards, Email Bdcstng, Health Svcs, Affiliates, Free Web stuff, Unique Products for the Sophisticate Yuppie.
72) The Fantastic "ADtastic" Website (Click here): The Advertising Miracle: Money Making, Web promotion, Web tools, Free links, Shopping, Books and much more!
73) OakNet Publishing (Click here): Newsletters Galore! If you want to build your it'll pay off handsomely!
74) ADMATRIX: Incredible Income Potential (Click here): Super opportunity to earn a great residual income right away.
75) An Easy way to Earn Money by Joining ePIPO (Click here): All you have to do is surf the web to earn money.
76) SubmitMaster Internet Promotions (Click here): Broadcast your message spam-free to thousands of addresses.
77) Datacom Internet Solutions, MSN Shopping, the, Music.citysearch (Click here): Rotating Banners: The above are but a few of the many different companies represented!
78) Petstore, MP3, New York First, Dell Gigabuys, SaviShopper,, (Click here): Continuing: Renaissance Cruises, Flooz(Gifts).com: Pet Mdse, Great Music, NYC Galore, Dell's Software +, Discount Shopping, Great Furniture, Electronics and Movies.
79) Leads, leads, leads,...Target your market with 100% opt-in lists! (Click here): These are super mailing lists to inexpensively promote your online business!
80) The International Home Biz Professional Group (Click here): The best and most experienced team of home based business entrepreneurs worldwide.
81) Sporting Auction (Click here): Sports Items Up for Bid...More to come...

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